Monthly Archives: February 2013


Thank you for visiting our constantly changing web page.  We are committed to use this portal to not only give you information that affects your business, but to also share information about your business that is important to our communities.

The mission of the Chamber remains resolute: “to promote, advocate, educate and inspire” our Latino business communities.  Many of our Corporate and community partners have asked us what we will change about the Chamber.  Our answer is that we remain committed to our mission statement and to our Chamber members.  However, like all organizations, we have to adapt to more efficiently meet the needs of our Chamber members. We believe that the business outreach we conduct in our communities has been our most effective way of connecting with our small businesses to provide them with more appropriate resources.  We must also focus on measurable objectives that will give us a clearer picture of areas that we can improve on and areas of success.

We invite you to use the comment tools on this website as they become available.  The sharing and possitive interaction of timely information will be the best resource we can provide to our small businesses.  Please contact us should you have any questions.

-Erick Verduzco-Vega